Water Birth

Waterbirth is felt by mothers and providers alike to be the gentlest of gentle births. Warm luxurious water to cradle you and give you complete freedom to move during the greatest achievement of your life.

“It was absolutely amazing. After getting 
in the water he was born in 2 hours, not once did I feel the need for any other form of pain relief. Baby was so calm, no crying, he just looked around wide eyed taking everything in."

“I was free to labor in a warm tub and also within my husband's embrace, and upon the point of delivery my joyful blessing was to able to push with my body, and pull with my own arms, my dear daughter - out of me and into a warm and welcome embrace also. Lovely!”

"In the soft light that came into the room that sunny morning we watched this newly born infant adjust to life outside his mother's womb. He breathed quietly, without crying. His skin took on a healthy pink glow. But he did not seem to realise that he had left the womb as he floated, fully submerged except for his face. We stood by and watched. The parents stroked him and talked to him. There was no placental separation or bleeding, and the placental circulation continued for 20 or 30 minutes, in this out-of-the-body, womb-like place of transition. Eventually the woman wanted to get out of the water, and she cuddled her child and sat out on a nearby couch. With warm towels to dry both of them, the quiet protected atmosphere continued, and the baby began to seek his mother's breast. Now exposed to the air the cord had constricted and ceased pulsation." 

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