Teagan Lily

Teagan's Birth Story

April 17, 2012

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Teagan’s story actually begins with our first daughter Adalyn’s birth story. On the morning of February 4, 2010 my water broke at 36 weeks and I was instructed to go straight over to the hospital. As this was our first child, my husband Eli and I were both super excited and nervous due to us not knowing what we were getting ourselves into.  The minute I got settled into the hospital room they checked me and I was told I was only 1 cm dilated and was put on Pitocin to speed up the labor process to avoid infection.  Once I received the Pitocin, things took a turn for the worst as I started feeling extremely painful contractions due to the Pitocin and decided to get an epidural to ease the pain.  Once I had gotten the epidural, the nurses noticed that our daughter’s heartbeat would drop during every contraction and was told that she was in distress. Our doctor came in and told us they would need to do an emergency cesarean on me. When we were told the news our hearts were just crushed and we were terribly frightened for our baby’s life and knowing I would have to have major surgery. There was nothing that could be done to avoid the procedure though and 30 minutes later Eli and I had met our daughter for the first time. She was beautiful and healthy and that was all that mattered at the end but I knew I never wanted to have another C-section experience again.

In July of 2011 we found out we were expecting again and though it was quite a surprise we were still very excited. We were new to the DFW area and I had to search for a new doctor and one that was supportive of VBAC. I ended up finding a nice doctor but with plenty of prayer I just felt that going to a doctor was not the right choice for me. I needed someone who was going to be a hundred percent supportive of a vaginal birth and had always been interested in a midwife. With the support of my wonderful husband we decided to look into the midwifery and found our midwife Jenee at the birth center.  As the months flew by with my pregnancy, the month of April was finally here and I was now 39 weeks pregnant. I woke up somewhere between 2 and 4 am realizing I was having mild contractions and decided to start timing them. My contractions were about 10 minutes apart. I was starting to feel a bit excited but I wanted to make sure this was the real thing and decided to wait till 6 am to finally wake my husband up and tell him that I thought today was going to be the day! At 7 am I called Jenee and gave her the heads up. I had also been scheduled for my weekly appointment at 10 am and told Jenee that I felt good enough to go.  

As we were getting ready for our appointment, we decided to go to Dunkin Donuts for some breakfast and then to Target for some last minute items I was sure I was going to need for labor since me and my midwife were sure it was going to be a long labor. But as we were driving, my labor started to progress and contractions were starting to get intense. By the time we got to into Target I had to stop and focus on my contractions. There I was in the bakery section of Target making the baker write “Happy Birthday” on a cake because by that time I was almost positive I wasn’t going to have time to bake one. While I was waiting for my cake I got another contraction and this time I felt a pop and water drip down my leg. Yes, my water broke at Target! I couldn’t believe it. All I could do was laugh with excitement and shock as I waddled my way to the restroom.

As we were on the freeway Jenee told us to just head back home and by that time my contractions had become 3 minutes apart. My midwife couldn’t believe it and said she would meet us at the house in 25 minutes. Things definitely got crazier as we got into the house. As soon as we got home I had gone into transition and had started roaring during every contraction. It was amazing to me that my body took charge in helping me through each contraction. My mother, who left work early after Eli called frantic, came in to help with getting the bed and bath prepared. As soon as the bed was prepared I laid down and as I was roaring louder through each contraction I could feel the need to bear down and push! My midwife was still about 15 minutes away and I had already started bleeding.  I told my husband “I feel like I need to push! I need to push!” When my husband heard that and saw my bleeding I could see the panic and worry on his face that he was going to have to deliver this baby on his own. By that time I was the one trying to calm him down! Finally, my midwife arrived and immediately checked to make sure that I was able to get in the tub and push. I remember Jenee saying “okay now the pushing process can take up to 2 hours so just relax and push whenever you need to.” I pushed 5 times in 20 minutes and my baby was out! It was amazing. Eli and I couldn’t believe it! We were so excited that after a few minutes of holding her I realized we had forgotten to check and see if she was a girl like we were expecting. She was a girl and she was so beautiful with a full head of dark brown hair. After we took our herbal bath and got settled we started the baby exam and as my husband held her in the little scale we found out she came out weighing 8.8 pounds! I then started crying out of shock just knowing that I birthed an 8 pound baby in not only a few hours but I did it naturally without any medication and after a c section.

This was one of my biggest accomplishments in my life after I had my c section and I had never been more proud of myself. I accomplished this goal because I had an amazing midwife and assistants who were there to make sure me and my baby were healthy and safe and I had a husband who was loving, supported my decision in wanting a VBAC and he was there by my side the entire time. I also know that without the Lord I wouldn’t have had the faith and confidence in myself to accomplish this birth. I honestly feel that this birth I had was a healing process to my first birth and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I know now that my body Is capable of delivering a baby just the way God intended it to be. I feel so blessed to have been through this journey with my family and I just thank God that in both of my births, both of my daughters and me were healthy and happy.  

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