Korie's birth story

My Birth Story… 

Before becoming pregnant I thought that when it was time for me to have my baby I would just go to the hospital get an epidural and have my child. I figured if I didn’t go into labor on my own by my “due date” then I would be induced. Luckily for me, my husband and I would watch a documentary every weekend. We stumbled across the Business of Being Born, and it was no a doubt a life-changing documentary. It got me so intrigued that I started reading other people’s birth stories and researching natural birth. A month later I found out I was pregnant, and was so excited that I had done the research, had an amazing supportive husband and made the decision that natural birth was what I wanted to do.

To give a little backstory, I had a very rough pregnancy. At 7 weeks pregnant I developed hyperemesis, which is a condition that caused me to vomit 7+ times a day. For my first and second trimester I stayed in bed - no TV or anything, even that would make me nauseous. Luckily near the end of my second trimester it went away and I had a really smooth 3rd trimester. Luckily I had an amazing husband and midwife who kept me positive during those first 2 trimesters.  I will admit at times it was tough because I felt the morning sickness was never going to end.

I had a lot of people doubt my decision of having a natural birth, funny how people who had done no research were so opinionated about my birth plan. I even had an instance where I accompanied my friend to her gynecologist appointment because she had been struggling with fertility and wanted a friend there for support. While at her gynecologist office she mentioned that I was due in a few months and was planning on going natural. Her doctor completely tore me down, telling me how what I was doing was dangerous and that I could ruin my baby. I walked right out of that office, and it took everything to keep my husband from calling up there to give the guy a piece of his mind. Instead of letting that doctor and other people get me down, I used them as motivation and was even more empowered to continue the plan I had. I knew I was designed to birth a baby without intervention and that is exactly what I was going to do. The idea of natural birth was not scary to me, it was exciting and I could not wait to experience it.

My due date was July 20th, but Korie Lynn wanted to bake a little longer. I was completely fine with this and was willing to go over my due date 2 weeks. 

Luckily I did not have to wait too much longer. On July 23rd around 11:30 at night I had my bloody show, and at midnight light contractions started. Luckily I had taken a long nap that day from noon till 4. My husband was in bed and I didn’t want to wake him yet just incase they were just Braxton hicks. They were strong enough though that I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to run a bath and see if they still lasted and were the real thing. Sure enough the bath didn’t slow them down and they started getting stronger. I knew being a first time mom that labor was going to be awhile and wanted to let Justin sleep as long as he could.

Around 4am Justin woke up to me pacing around our bedroom and decided to stay up with me and keep me company. We started timing the contractions and they weAt 6:30 am we decided to call our doula and give her a heads up that I was in labor. She asked if I wanted her to come over yet, but I told her no because I figured we had a long time to go. Not even an hour later the contractions were more painful and I told my husband to go ahead and call her to come over. When she answered the phone she let us know that another one of her clients was about to have her baby and she had to rush to the birth, but that she would send another doula to help me and as soon as the other birth finished that she would meet me at the birth center.

At 8:00AM I called my midwife to let her know I was in labor and would let her know when we felt it was time to head to the birth center.

At 8:30AM the other doula Erica arrived, I had never met her before but I cannot tell you how thankful I was for her and what an amazing support she was through the entire process. At this point my contractions were pretty strong and painful. We tried several techniques to work through each one, but for some reason my contraction were all hitting in one spot on my lower back. The doula had a feeling that Korie’s head was tilted and that was what was causing this. She called my chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Dodge, who is amazing by the way, and came to our house to adjust me. (I saw Dr. Dodge my entire pregnancy and give a lot of credit to that being why I had such a smooth delivery) After the adjustment my contractions were no longer in one spot and that made a huge difference.

Around 11:30AM I felt that if we were going to head to the birth center we needed to do it then, I was nervous if I waited to long that the car ride would be unbearable. Even though I still had a ways to go the car ride was ROUGH. Being stuck in a seat with a seat belt through a contraction is tough, and luckily the birth center was only 20minutes away. My contractions were about 3minutes apart at this point.

 At 12:00 we met the midwife at the birth center and she wanted to check me to see where I was. I was only a 3 and my contractions hurt. I kept telling my husband and doula that I couldn’t do it the pain was too much, but they kept reminding me why I chose this and empowered me that I could do this! A few hours into being at the birth center my doula Jamie arrived, and told Erica if she needed to leave she could. I was so thankful she decided to stay; I was beyond blessed to have so much support of 2 doulas, a midwife and my husband.

My midwife Jenee had me doing squats with each contraction; I did not want to do them at all. It’s not easy to do a squat while having a contraction, but the goal was to get Korie in the right position and Jenee kept reminding me that squats were going to do that. I am glad that she kept me on track and would tell me what a good job I was doing.

 At 3:00PM I wanted to be checked to see how far I had progressed, my main reasoning was because I wanted to get into the birth tub, but they didn’t want to get in to soon. My midwife told me I needed to wait till 6 because she didn’t want me to be discouraged if I had only barely progressed if at all. I didn’t want to wait that long and thought I had talked her into checking me at 5:00 instead of 6:00.

At 5:00PM my contractions felt like they were unbearable and the doula had me put a ball shaped like a peanut between my legs while she put pressure on my lower back. She could tell that the baby’s head had tilted again and until we go her back in position she wasn’t going to come. The exercises she had be do were so uncomfortable with each contraction to where I was in tears, but now that I look back I am grateful I did them and give a lot of credit to that being why I started progressing faster. I was ready to be checked after doing these exercises, but the midwife said I needed to eat something first (I had been up for almost 24hours at this point and hadn’t ate anything) She sent Justin to the store to get me some fruit and yogurt to eat and said she would check me when he got back. I didn’t know it at the time, but she told Justin that it might be the following morning before I had the baby and to take his time at the store. The last thing she wanted was for me to get checked to soon and get discouraged at my progress.

At 6:00PM Justin came back from the store and I was able to get half a banana down, but I was so excited that it was finally 6:00 and I could be checked. I wanted to go pee before getting checked, the second I sat on the toilet I heard a loud popping sound and had more bloody show. It turns out my water had broke at that very moment! She checked me right after and I was at a 7 and could finally get in the birth tub.

At 6:30PM I was in the birth tub, and it was the most amazing feeling ever. The tub relieved a lot of the pressure and made my contractions bearable. I also started progressing quickly at this point. I saw the birth team getting on gloves and getting supplies out, I was so excited because I knew this meant it was finally time. I was going to finally get to meet my baby girl, crazy how much endorphins effect you. My pain became even more manageable, and around 7:00 I was ready to start pushing.

Pushing was by far the best feeling ever. The hardest part with contractions is that you don’t know when they will be over it could be hours and hours but you can’t really feel progression. Pushing is the complete opposite, you can feel your baby moving down and know that you are getting closer and closer to her finally being here. It makes the pain seem like nothing, it was more or less just a lot of pressure. The first thing my midwife saw was a head full of hair, and let me reach down and feel. It was amazing, I knew she was so close to being here and I didn’t have much more to go. About 30 minutes into pushing I had the dreaded ring of fire, but at that point she was so close to being here that I was able to push through it. My entire pregnancy my husband had said he wanted to be the one to catch the baby and that was the plan. However on my last push he was running around the tub to catch her and by the time he got in front of me I was pulling our beautiful 9 pound 14 ounce baby out of the water. The whole experience was life changing, and I can’t wait to do it again. I couldn’t have asked for a better birth team! I was in active labor for a total of 7.5 hours and had her after 30mins of pushing. Yet looking back on it I feel like the time flew by. I can’t say enough what a great experience it is to go natural, and wish that every woman were able to experience it. It’s hard work, but so rewarding. 

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