Family With Recommendation


Not all babies are able to be born outside the hospital. Either for health reasons or personal choice, some families choose to birth in the hospital. But this decision does not mean you have to miss out on having a close, personal relationship with a midwife and benefiting from her guidance, nutritional counseling and resources.

A midwife provided this service for me as a young mother and her input was invaluable. That birth was so empowering for me! Co-Care has a special place in my practice. Some of my sweetest relationships and memories of clients have been Co-Care births.

When choosing Co-Care as an option, I will provide all or part of your prenatals, am available to attend appts with your consulting OB or Maternal Fetal Specialist and attend your birth in the hospital. I also will provide postpartum care for you and your baby. 

I interface easily with hospital staff and can help you navigate the important choices you are faced with. OB or CNM? What about my MFM? Which hospital? What should my birth plan include? What are our rights? 

If you have insurance, I am usually able to bill this service for you. Please feel free to contact me about your special circumstances. 

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