So professional and full of passion for childbirth

Jenee is an incredible Midwife who will give you the expert and motherly advice needed to care for both you and your baby, and will steer you in the safest direction at all times considering science and natural methods. 
I say so because I had planned a birth center delivery at an out of state location but developed pre-eclampsia on my last month of pregnancy. At the time, she advised me on what to do next, followed by a phone call to the the hospital so they'd be ready for me at Labor and Delivery upon my arrival. That was just the beginning of an amazing support throughout the labor, NICU, and post partum. Jenee really carries a balanced practice between what's natural and what's medically needed to care for you and your baby individually. So professional and full of passion for childbirth. I can't express enough how thankful we are! Thank you tons!!!

~ Karen Marie, Florida

Her professionalism in any situation will blow you away

Jenee's vast experience both personal and professional in the realms of womanhood, motherhood, and midwifery are absolutely priceless. Her professionalism in any situation will blow you away. If you are looking for the easiest person to share with as well as the shrewdest bulldog to fight for the experienceyou wish to have with the flexibility and love to cushion any unknown twists and turns your journey may take, Jenee is the one!!!!

~ Mandy O, Ft Worth

She's knowledgeable, skilled, and trustworthy

Jenee helped me deliver my seventh baby, my third homebirth. I highly recommend her. She communicated well with both myself and my husband. She's knowledgeable, skilled, and trustworthy. There wasn't a single aspect of her care that I wasn't pleased with.

~Tiffany, Ft Worth

I absolutely can't say enough good!!

I absolutely can't say enough good!! Jenee is the most amazing midwife and Godly woman!! I was a vba2c and Jenee supported, loved and encouraged me to the point where I had NO FEAR of vbacs the way the medical world made me fear them. She was always available and became not only my midwife but a mentor. I loved my first midwife experience!!!!

~ VBA2C Mom

Jenee exceeded every single expectation we had!

Jenee exceeded every single expectation we had for what we wanted our birth experience to be. She made us feel like family rather than patients. She walked us through progesterone treatment in the beginning when we thought we were losing our baby. She counseled me through gestational diabetes. She even helped my sisters and answered questions about their babies when they came with me. We received a level of personal care that blew me away. When we had to switch our birth option days before our son was born, she graciously accommodated and came to our home instead of our previous location. She walked us through bringing Titus into the world in a safe, peaceful environment and helped us achieve a natural water birth in the comfort of our home. She has our gratitude forever and we are hoping to have her with us many more times!

~ Erin S, Dallas

She will go out of her way to help you

Jenee is an incredible midwife with a wealth of knowledge on natural birth, VBACS, breastfeeding and more. She has helped so many women in encouraging their VBAC birth, and seeing their dreams fulfilled in having the birth they always wanted. She's very personable and will go out of her way to help you. We love Jenee!

~ Brittany, North Richland Hills

Great supporter of VBAC

Great supporter of VBAC, works long, hard hours for her mamas, makes sure her patients keep themselves healthy and is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy in her field.

~ J, Euless

She never makes you feel rushed

Jenee's breadth of experience and passion for midwifery care made her an invaluable resource during my pregnancy. She never makes you feel rushed, is patient with any and all questions, and easy to reach at all hours. 

~ Elizabeth, Flower Mound

Perfect midwife and extra supportive of VBAC mamas just like me!

Perfect midwife and extra supportive of VBAC mamas just like me! My husband and I love her so much we wouldn't ever consider going somewhere else. :)

~ Jozaline D

She is amazing, and has truly become someone I can call my friend. I love her!

8 months into my pregnancy, I decided I wanted a midwife when my doctor of 5 years made me feel like I was just another patient, and my want to do labor in an unconventional way was brashly disregarded. It was at that point that I found Jenee through a friend whom I respect dearly. My first appointment with her, and I just knew...I had found the woman I wanted to help me birth my first child. FINALLY, I could be excited about my labor! Well, my instincts were correct. My home birth was amazing. I fought the labor until Jenee sat down with me and told me how to relax and let it peacefully happen. After I found the peace she had suggested, the rest of my labor flew by. Literally, 9 hours total, and 4 hours from that point until he was born! I had no fear, and trusted my body to do what it needed to do because I trusted Jenee to take care of my son and I if something went wrong. It was beautiful and perfect! The best parts were having my mother and sister there to be by my side with my husband and I, and of course, being able to eat pizza and goldfish with orange juice in MY OWN bed with my new baby and my family afterwards. Our little chunk is 8 months old, and I still am able to text Jenee and ask for advise when I need it. She is amazing, and has truly become someone I can call my friend. I love her! I am looking forward to my next home birth with Jenee, I just need to talk my husband into a little brother or sister! 

PS. Jenee made my mom a believer in the awesomeness of midwifery and home birth...this was not an easy task! Right, Mom?! xo

~ Danielle S.

Jenee was instrumental in giving me the beautiful birth experience I wanted...

"Jenee was instrumental in giving me the beautiful birth experience I wanted for myself and for Evelyn. She, and the rest of my birth team, made me feel so safe and loved. I consider her a dear friend and hope to have her at my future births."

~ Lindsey M

I met Jenee the night before I went into labor

I met Jenee the night before I went into labor. She gave me confidence that I could avoid the hospital and have a home birth, no problem. I got my VBAC and had an amazing birth experience!

~ Regan S

God bless you in all the wonderful things you do!

Jenee was a true blessing for my husband and I. She helped us plan an amazing birth taking into consideration the medical needs and selfish wants of mommy. 3 weeks before my guess date I developed preeclampsia- she was able to identify it knock some sense into my head and even sat on the phone calling in favors since for some odd reason all the doctors I was comfortable seeing happened to be on vacation. After my csection I was too unstable to move into ICU but Jenee remained at the hospital with my husband, my baby, and even got her hands on some donor milk! This was such a blessing as all of our family lives on the east coast and my husband was given a brand new baby and told it didn't look like his wife was going to pull through. Thank you so so much Jenee for being the knowledgable, caring, strong, supportive woman that you are. God bless you in all the wonderful things you do!

~ Jessica M

Coun't be more pleased with my birth experience

Couldn't be more pleased with my birth experience, it was so much better than I expected. Jenee was personable, caring, and kept my birth plan a top priority. Looking forward to the next baby :)

~ Jenn L

Jenee is gifted by God to bring babies into this world! She is so knowledgeable and patient.

I can't express in words how grateful I am to Jenee for the level of care I received. We found out at about 34 weeks pregnant that I had

polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) so after monitoring the amniotic fluid levels weekly, my husband and I decided to have our baby at the

hospital. I fully expected Jenee to convince me to go along with our home birth plan, but she was so supportive of our decision. She worked

closely with the midwife team at the hospital and was there for my labor and the delivery, it was as if I had a home birth. The comfort, support,

soothing sound of her voice saying "You are doing great Mama, breathe Mama, you can do this Mama" was exactly what I needed. Jenee is

gifted by God to bring babies into this world! She is so knowledgeable and patient. She knows what she is talking about so listen when she tells

you to stay away from the junk food. :)

~ Heidi, Waxahachie

Bonded forever! I wholeheartedly recommend this midwife!!!!

I admit, I wasn't down with all this hippie birth your baby at home nonsense...until I met two women who changed my mind and my life forever. Where were you guys 22 years ago when I gave birth to my babies!!! Thank you for empowering my daughter and teaching her to trust her body to work as God designed it to. Bonded forever! I wholeheartedly recommend this midwife!!!!

~ Kimberly C

She has been to us a mentor, a friend, a counselor, and of course a phenomenal midwife!

Jenee was our midwife for both our boys, and we LOVE her! She was everything I was and will ever be looking for: she is a well of knowledge (knowledge is power!), an honest and thoughtful voice, and a brilliantly competent and compassionate woman. She has been to us a mentor, a friend, a counselor, and of course a phenomenal midwife! Her genuine heart and loving, joyful spirit are always just what I need, and from prenatals to birth-day, I so look forward to seeing her. I would wholly commend her to anyone even THINKING about having a baby. She's the best!

~ N

Jenee was a Godsend to my family

Jenee was a Godsend to my family. Her experience, not only as a midwife but as the loved one of multiple service members, made her uniquely suited for our situation. She was able to guide me through pregnancy and birth with a type of love and empathy that no other midwife could have given me. I am forever grateful to her. ♥

~ L, Grapevine

You encouraged me every step

To my wonderful midwife were encouraged me every step in The Lord and took such amazing care of me.  Not only a midwife, but a friend.  I hope our time together isn't over :)

~ Cathy T, Crowley

You are helping to make the world a kinder, gentler place


We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your assistance over the last 9 months! We couldn't have achieved the birth we wanted without your guidance. Your reassurance, knowledge, and gentle hand definitely made the journey to our VBAC a success. Now that our baby is here and I have had a little time to reflect on this birth and the birth of my first child via c-section, I have concluded that if every woman were to have a midwife like you there would be very few OB's needed in this country. I thank you for what you do and how you are helping to make the world a kinder, gentler place - starting with birth. 


Jamie S

Jenee Ohrvall, my midwife, was a God send!

Jenee Ohrvall, My Midwife, was a God send! After the loss of my Daughter Victoria, and becoming nearly paralyzed by an epidural, I was terrified to have another baby in a hospital! I searched for an alternative way of birthing, and I found Jenee. She lovingly educated me about the development of my Son Levi during my pregnancy, taught me how to control my glucose without medications, and counseled me through a BREECH DELIVERY! If there is anything you need to know about pregnancy, health, and babies, I highly recommend my Midwife Jenee! Her personal experiences and wisdom made me feel comforted and confident about my birth! God bless you, for you have been a blessing to my family and I! We had a peaceful and successful breech delivery, because of your guidance! Thank you Jenee!

~ Cindy, Jeremy, and baby Levi

I can not tell you how much I am in your debt

Jenee, I can not tell you how much I am in your debt. Your guidance through not only pregnancy, but the entire 60 hour birthing process was invaluable. The knowledge and uplifting attitude you projected onto us was our light in the tunnel. The way you put together a team out of the people around us in our birth was something of General MacArthur mixed Mother Teresa. Both of whom had unparalleled leadership qualities. I have never quite seen anything like it. You are an amazing woman and care provider, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you ever are in need of ANYTHING, you have my number and it is on 24 hours of the day.

~ Bryan P

She taught me so much about my body...

"Mere words could never adequately describe how amazing Jenee is, as a person and as a midwife. She taught me so much about my body that I didn't learn with my two other pregnancies. She's extremely informed and was supportive of our choices pre, during and post partum. We love Jenee!"  

~ Mary H

We're forever grateful!

Hi Jenee! 

I hope you and your family are well! As we counted our blessings during Thanksgiving, I wanted to send you a special "thank you" to the moms who donated milk to Michaiah. As I thought about each of them, I realized a great majority were contacts from you! As I think back over Michaiah's first few months you worked SO hard, above and beyond anything we expected! You are so generous with your time and resourceful in networking to find solutions. I'm amazed that Michaiah has never had commercial formula, and so grateful for your encouragement not to give him that and give donor milk instead. Feeding him has truly been a collective effort which would have been impossible without you. Being passionate about babies drinking breastmilk is one thing, but you gave us the help to make it a reality for our family. The generosity of these moms has been such a clear example to me of what the church should be - rallying in support of someone in a time of need. I feel like there were many extenuating circumstances with our birth and you handled each with grace and expertise. Each ounce of donated milk has quieted the demons that tell me I'm broken and not mom enough to feed my baby. Thank you for your huge role in that! We're forever grateful. 

Much Love, 


During my labor she supported us so lovingly

When we met with Jenee during our initial consultation my husband and I both left knowing she was who we wanted to attend our birth!  I loved how nurturing and supportive she was of the kind of birth experience I was wanting to achieve and her knowledge and confidence is what really put my husband at ease!  During my prenatal care she always made sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed and if I thought of something I forgot to ask, I knew she was a simple text away from the answer!  That wasdefinitely nothing I had ever experienced with my two previous births with an OB.  Even though this was going to be our third child, it always amazed me at how much information I learned from her.  

During my labor she supported us so lovingly and with a soft confidence that made us feel at ease.  You could feel the love that came from her for our family and I am so thankful that when I think about this birth her presence is one of the most things I am grateful for.

~ Sandra G

Jenee was vigilant

I’m not saying this lightly, but with all of my heart: Jenee is one of the most magnificent people on this entire, beautiful planet.

I (Nicole) was born at home in 1983, and always knew that I would have a midwife deliver my babies. My husband had never thought much about it, but after our first meeting with Jenee, we walked out of our appointment bursting with confidence - she was the one! We fell in love with her immediately.

Each month, I looked forward to our visits, and each meeting, she sat with me and openly answered all of my questions. She taught me how to eat well (trust me! were it not for Jenee, I would have gained 800lbs!) and how to prepare my body for delivering our first son, Jack. She supplied us with reading materials (we love to learn, and she is an EXCELLENT informant) and birth videos, and comforted all of my concerns and worries by reassuring me that my body was built specifically for delivering this baby. Her excitement and love for us, for our baby, and for her mission as a midwife were clearly evident.

My labor was difficult and long, but Jenee was vigilant. She never left my side. She rubbed my back and whispered words of encouragement. She was with me the whole time, encouraging my family and my husband through the labor. She fought for me, she loved on me, and she labored alongside me. Jack was born healthy and strong, and he is a happy, breastfed 9 month-old now, weighing in at 23lbs!

Jenee Ohrvall is...wonderful. Her love for the Lord is obvious, and she is consistent in her joy of life. Even on a bad day, she is like sunshine!

I am so grateful for her presence in my life. I am so grateful to have had her as my midwife. She was always available to me leading up to the birth, and faithful to help me when I had a newborn who wouldn’t stop crying. She is more than a midwife - she is a friend and a comforter and a true saint. I love her and she is going to deliver all of our babies! Even if we move out of state, somehow she’s coming with us :D

Nicole D

What an amazing day!


Thank you so much for being with me every step of my pregnancy and delivery. What an amazing day! I will never forget how you got my baby to turn from posterior to anterior! My birth was amazing and I have you to thank. You are a wonderful midwife!

Thank you!

Jaime K

We are blessed to know her!

Jenee's care for our 9th pregnancy was unlike any we'd ever received before.  From the beginning, we felt loved and celebrated.  Having her as my midwife was a wonderful experience.  We are blessed to know her!

Mary M

Jenee was wonderful at creating a peace and calmnes

Jenee was wonderful at creating a peace and calmness during this very anxious process. She understands the value of relationship building with her clients and is a master communicator. I would highly recommend her to any mother who wants a warm, personal and “different” birthing experience.

Ambra C

As a Birth Boot Camp instructor, I've taught a number of Jenee's clients

As a Birth Boot Camp instructor, I've taught a number of Jenee's clients. They are always asking great questions and it is obivious they have the support of a fantastic "Mother-Friendly" and mother-centered provider. I love hearing birth stories from students that have Jenee attend their births - they are some of the most peaceful, joyful births!

A very special midwife

Family With Recommendation Parents Baby Jenee Ohrvall


We are writing this recommendation because Jenee is a very special midwife that became our friend in the midst of imperfect circumstances.  We began our pregnancy under the care of an OB and we thought we were receiving the care we needed until we transferred to Jenee. The prenatal visits with Jenee were personal and comforting. We never felt rushed or as if we were just another patient to see in her busy day.

Jenee wanted to get to know us and give us the birth we desired. She was always available to us when we had questions or concerns, day or night. We had the perfect pregnancy, attended classes, read books and were ready for the perfect birth but when things didn't go as planned we truly needed Jenee. She was there to provide the guidance we needed.

We were in the small percentage of people who have to transfer to the hospital during labor. Jenee made quick, decisive decisions and was extremely comforting during the transfer. Once at the hospital, Jenee was our advocate. She worked with the doctor and was determined to make sure our birth plan was followed. We are so thankful that we chose Jenee to be our midwife. Of course we wanted a natural birth in our home but that was not God's plan and Jenee's knowledge of hospital birth was invaluable to us.  

He knew we were going to need Jenee and we would have had a much different birth without her. After our birth, Jenee provided exceptional care, answering questions and reassuring us that we were “doing this right.” We had a rough start as new parents and Jenee's support and knowledge was freely given and much needed. Through this process Jenee has become a trusted friend. God has blessed her with the love and kindness that only a mother could possess as well as the knowledge and skill found in experienced care providers, there is no doubt that we will birth with Jenee in the future.

Josh and Laura N

Great midwife!

Great midwife, I highly recommend Jenee as she is so kind, compassionate and caring!

~ Marti W.

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