Large Families on Purpose

Quiverfull Large family Annie Cassanova Drake
Photo courtesy of Annie Cassanova Drake

I’m not only Large Family Friendly… I have a large family myself! Please ask me to share with you my unique journey of faith, infertility, patience and eventually deep trust and surrender in this area of my life.
Women who trust the Lord for their family size, who trust the Lord with the spacing of their children, often have particular needs in their childbearing and breastfeeding years. I understand those needs as I have walked this path myself.
My own journey included thirteen pregnancies, 8 babies lost to miscarriage, six beautiful live blessings, including identical twins, and over 22 years of pregnancy, miscarriage, infertility and breastfeeding. I've invested my life in my family and fertility and now wish to invest my time and energy into yours. 



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