Chiropractic Care

“I am a Chiropractor and have been blessed with a life that allows me to help and serve others. I have never "worked" a day in my professional career... I use my gifts and talents as best I can to be an instrument of healing."

I have had the privilege to work with many chiropractors who feel this way! 

Since becoming a midwife I have become a real advocate for chiropractic care in pregnancy and after birth. I have seen remarkable results when a chiropractor adjusts a pregnant woman as complimentary care throughout her pregnancy. The result is not only a comfortable, pain-free pregnant Mama but a quick and efficient birth! I also have seen the direct benefits of gentle adjustment of the baby after birth for baby's comfort and to assist in nursing with a proper latch. Chiropractors are also leaders in helping to heal the body and boost the immune system naturally without pharmaceuticals or chemicals. 

I am grateful for our local chiropractors - they make my job easier!

Please view my resource section to find a local chiropractor who is both Webster and Pediatric certified. 

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